The way DroneDeploy handles trees
This is a map I did the other day, it’s quite odd as most of the trees just aren’t picked up at all. Any advice please?

I have a suspicion that you may have flown to low to get the trees good? I had a similar issue in a subdivision and my tree actually came out flat (also first p4pro flight). Do you recall your flight settings?

I think it was 155ft.
I got that number by copying the completed plan to a new one and the settings reported 155ft.

When I have been that low I get weird things from trees as well. Try 250-300’ and see if you get any better results would be my suggestion.

Ahh, I got the very same problem.
The weird thing is that it comes from the picture plan, I have no idea what does the App does so weird that many antennas and trees are just erased.

I started in Pix4D, before going manual I also used the App Planner and it wouldn’t erase trees or antennas.
I’ve no idea why would DD do this, have you an answer already?

I used the photos taken in DD on the Pix4D Program to test that.

I did another capture the other day and got similar results (the scan is linked below).
I flew my mission over an old factory, the trees again are very strange looking, the stone chimney does not appear at all, the cylindrical tank to the east of the scan has parts missing as do some of the buildings.
I think my altitude was about 250ft.