The alfalfa hay market

We are looking to identify grass and weeds in alfalfa hay bales as well as program a qualitative analysis of the product from the video. Can anyone point us in the right direction with apps or other solution?

Thank you

Do you already have a drone that you want to use or are you open to suggestions on that as well?

we are currently using dji inspire 2

10-4. How much contrast is there is the colors of the different vegetation? May you could use a post-processing software to isolate the color of the grass and weeds then invert your selection and make everything else black and white? This would give you a sort of heat map that I think would make it very easy to see on a larger scale. I have done something similar before looking for a particular type of material on a project and also found a drone one time by isolating the orange color of it’s shell.

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I just googled some images and it looks like if it’s green and in bales there’s probably not enough contrast. Maybe thermal? Hopefully someone will chime in.

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