Thanks for Nothing

I guess DD decided to eliminate corridor flights and not notify anyone. Had three corridor flights set up to be flown this morning. All corridor flights have been removed. I have 15 miles of roadway to do.

Richard Perry
Multivista San Francisco

Please read this:

Hopefully this will help you.


Same here. I have a ticket in. @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

The baked in plan has disappeared.

The Corridor flight option has been restored.

Well I sure don’t see it. But now that isn’t the real issue for me. DD won’t recognize my Inspire 2, it goes to the Mavic every time even when the mapping is saved with the S5 and 15mm lens.
This software was working great for the last few years. Now it has cost me an entire day trying to get it to work.
What’s that other mapping software?

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