Testing wirh DJI CrystalSky Display with DroneDeploy

Hi All,

Has anyone used the CrystalSky Display with DroneDeploy? Not sure you can load DroneDeploy but I see that it does use the Android OS.

Anyone out there know?

Last time I checked, CrystalSky does not yet support loading 3rd party apps like DroneDeploy. This also goes for the Phantom 4 Pro+ that uses a built-in CrystalSky display. But DroneDeploy hopefully is working with DJI to add this capability to the P4P+ from what I have read elsewhere in this forum under the entry:
Dji p4p plus - new remote?

I have a P4P+ so I am looking forward to it working with DD. Currently I use the Phantom 4 Pro with a regular P4P controller and Tab S3 tablet but the CrystalSky display has better visibility when the sun is out.


Hi @dm21225,

To confirm what @SolarBarn has stated, we currently do not support CrystalSky.


Hi Christina. Has anything changed in regards to the CrystalSky display?

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