Testing our new waypoint code

Hey guys,

We have a version we are wanting to start testing with a few alpha testers. This will work on any of your firmwares. The purpose of this test will be to have more people flying large areas because we can only do so many tests where we are. The users will have to be comfortable flying in the event we get stuck at a waypoint or they need to abort any missions due to anything unusual happening. We need people who are able to fly this weekend and give us detailed feedback about how the drone flew during its mission and if anything weird happened, such as getting stuck at a waypoint. We will make a list of people and send an APK with specific instructions. We are hoping tomorrow so people can test over the weekend. Send me a PM or reply here to let me know if you’re interested.



I’m going to map in the morning tomorrow at 930 central. I could do it.

I can fly during weekends. Feel free to send me instructions.

Hi Chase,
I’d like to get some NDVI maps done on a few fields over the weekend so that would be great!

Hi Chase

I can give it a try tomorrow…

I would be glad to help!