Testing new public beta

I’m a little confused on what I need to do to participate in the beta program.

I need to download this app:

But do I also need to install new firmware, or can I just use the newly released v1.4.0010? If I do need to install new firmware- if something were to happen, would the warranty still be valid?

If you already have the firmware version 1.4.0010 then you would need to wait until we release a new version of the app. DJI has broken a few things that were previously working and we are testing fixes for those.
If you haven’t then you would need to use the firmware linked in the forum. It is still a firmware from DJI though I don’t know what they would do with the warranty if it were to crash. Any crashes would still likely be from something malfunctioning in the aircraft as we don’t do anything that should cause a crash.

Oh, alright. Yeah, I’m already on version 1.4.0010. Any idea of when your new release will be? Thanks