Test results


I did few tests with DroneDeploy Beta. Below, the results. Please know that I didn’t read much of the forum yet and could be wrong in the affirmations below.

Tests using Windows PC and Android App.


  1. In general, I loved it! Sometimes the app is frustrating but if you can get it going, it is lovely.

  2. While typing the altitude in the app, I entered 1 and somehow click save or go back. Then, 1 became 33 with a security warning. Once warning, no more way to go back to fix the 33 altitude. I had to clean data and start the app information fresh.

  3. Could not find a way to get out of the app. Only force stopped.

  4. The animation of the main screen made me wait for nothing few times. No errors, no statuses… just waiting.

  5. There is no save button for the missions in the website. If I can’t sync on the spot, bye-bye map/mission.

  6. App was running fine at the end of the month, today I spent 1/2 hour trying to get the bird in the air but no luck. Major problems, can’t take a picture message, then can’t upload mission: error 10 and/or 255.

  7. Passed the camera error few times by pressing the picture button on the remote or moving the camera a bit.

  8. There is no way to control the camera angle while flying. Could add 45o?

  9. Could not find a way to control the direction of the zig zags.

  10. I left on the automatic but… the app did not tell me what it used. Later I had to take some 45 pictures manually and had no way of matching the same configuration.

  11. Map of one location (The Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario, Canada) had clouds as terrain on the phone. Could only deal with it directly on the website.

  12. How to delete a point of the map mission we create? The more you adjust the map, the more white dots it adds… could not find a way to clean them.

That is it for now.

When there is a fix for the current bugs, I will try again.



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  1. I have the same experience. Android app is being redeveloped with Android Studio 2.0

  2. Never had this. Are you talking about the Android APP or Web View

  3. What Android Device are you using. In almost all Android apps there is not exit or back button. The Android back button or app switching button are used. This is the correct Behavior.

  4. Can you be more specific. What animation and what main screen are you talking about.

  5. Missions are automatically saved. There is no need to save them manually. Simply click the yellow arrow in the top left corner or use your browser back button. Any Mission showing “EDIT” on the right of the screen will Sync to the App next time the app is opened an connected to the internet. You can also use the Sync button in the flight planning view to “Finalize” the plan it will then show, “Not Synced” or something to that effect.

  6. Android APP is buggy. Unfortunately.

  7. Always take a test shot in the DJI Go app before opening DroneDeploy to make sure the SD card has the correct folders on it. This is often the Cause of the camera error.

  8. This is being worked on and has been requested many times.

  9. This feature is also in the works

  10. DroneDeploy will just use auto camera settings as prescribed in the DJI Go app. All camera settings are set in the DJI Go app. This is not Ideal I agree.

  11. Yeah, that’s how image processing works. Remove the clouds or fly below them.

  12. To delete a point on the map. Tap and release that point. This is easier said than done sometimes on the APP. In web view click and release a point but do not move it.