Test Flight Simulation Causes Upload Status

Summary of Issue:
I planned a flight map and then executed the “Test the simulator” feature. Now, that flight plan is waiting for images to be uploaded. I can copy the flight plan and delete the original flight plan but that’s really just a workaround. Is this expected behavior?

Date Issue Began:
8 Nov 2018

Drone Model:
Mavic 2 Zoom

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iPad Pro (2018) iOS version 12.1

DroneDeploy App Version:

It is a full simulation so I think it should act as if it had flown. It would be expected to have a base map that you continually fly from (and the way it will be in the interface update) so you would already have made a copy to test. Honestly though, the simulator function is useless in my opinion unless we are granted the ability to run multiple flight plans consecutively without landing. I can see a start point and imagine the flight direction in my head.

I’m new to DD. I was just getting familiar with how things work and that struck me as odd behavior. In my opinion, a flight executed in simulation mode shouldn’t expect images to be uploaded or the context menu for the flight plan should have an abort option or something similar. Just some thoughts…others will likely disagree.

I thought the same thing the first time I saw it until I quickly realized that it was little more than a walkthrough of the process or a training aid. I haven’t seen it in the new interface so it may likely be going away. As I mentioned though I do see a practical use for it if we get consecutive flight planning. I do some things that probably aren’t recommended, but by carefully planning start and endpoints I can do a mapping mission, progress photo flight and a couple of spherical panos or a short video on 30-40 acres on one battery without landing.