Terrain or Structure?

Im brand new to DroneDeploy. I want to compare Terrain and Structure processing with the same set of data. I processed a batch of photos using the Terrain option. I can’t find a way to upload the same photos to use the Structure option. Any ideas?

You can always use the Upload images button under the plus sign on the lower part of your dashboard to upload/re-upload any images. Just choose Upload Images, name it as you wish and upload as normal.

Thanks Gary. Easy when you know how!1


I had the same problem for 4 days when I first got started with DroneDeploy last month. Finally I searched the Forum and eventually found how to upload pictures without flying a mission. It is definitely not obvious that the + sign gives you access to this capability unless you try it and happen to see that Upload images is on the list. I believe DroneDeploy should change the user interface to make this clearer. Instead of just + it could say: Add Plan, Images, Folder. Takes more space but worth it.


I’m interested to hear your results to see if they are similar to ours. We use our drone in a survey manner so our wants may not be the same.

We used to have this interface but the new UI uses the ‘+’ button. You can take a look at what the old dashboard looked like by disabling the new dashboard within dronedeploy labs in your settings.