Terrain following (without SRTM)


I saw that in the new upgrade of DD app they said that we can use the terrain following mode in our flight. DD works with SRTM but my questions is, Is it possible upload DEM´s or DSM´s in order to use the terrain following?
I am working in Antarctica and there there are not SRTM images for these reason I need upload my DEM´s.
Many thanks for your answers!!! I can not ask to the Chat support because I have a Free Account :frowning:


Good question. This will not be available at this time, but I will PM you.

Same query here, when this Terrain Aware was available in Beta testing and in Pro 2-3-4 years ago it was limited to coarse SRTM, not good enough for some of today’s mapping purposes. Being able to import a high resolution terrain model that’s better than 1 meter resolution would be preferable. Some of us fly multiple sensors on UAV, and these are not only photogrammetry cameras. So, it is supposed this is asking for a flight control enhancement, not necessarily limited to flying photogrammetry. It’s more bout flight control versatility. It would make DD a more versatile flight control software.


Hey i’d like this too ! We have LIDAR DEM and precision is good data and good data is good money and some of it goes to DD ! A virtuous circle :smiley: