Taking too many photos with lower airspeed

Phantom 3 Pro v1.06.004
Ipad Air IOS 8.4
DroneDeploy 1.4.4

The speed for the mission was set at 33mph. With a headwind, it was only getting 15mph and ended up taking twice the number of pictures on the way back. Is the only way to compensate for wind to set the speed slower?

The Phantom also became disconnected and even though it flew right over top of me the drone deploy app didnt want to reconnect.

Thanks. Matt

Were you using the iOS version released his past Wednesday? It should be better with disconnects.

yes version 1.4.4(12)
how long does it typically take to reconnect with good signal?

It should reconnect pretty quickly after the RC reconnects to the drone. If it is more than 2 minutes I don’t think it will reconnect.

That would have been the problem. It was probably out of signal for over 2 mins. Is there any way to control the speed manually? Or to rotate which way the phantom flies its path instead of going east and west to go north and south?