Taking Measurements on a 3D Object

If I generate a model of a large building using both nadir (at 1inch/pixel GSD) and oblique imagery, how can I take measurements between points that are NOT in the same horizontal plane? Example would be measuring the height of the building or measuring the dimensions of a ramp. I know you can export a point cloud and then bring it into CAD software, but what if I need to see the photographic images of the sides of the model in order to identify the measurement points? Is there an export that you can bring into CAD that will have the surfaces so I can see them and take measurements? How accurate typically will the relative measurements be if my nadirs are 1inch/pixel GSD with no ground control points?

Aren’t the measurement tools in DroneDeploy for map view only and not 3D?

Yes, the current measurements are only in the 2D view, but you can use the distance annotation to view horizontal distance, slope distance and profile. From the profile you can hover over the profile on the left and see the elevations. You can also then adjust the line until you get to the edges, but without perfect 3D modeling I think you will get what you want from deduction. With the move to the Cesium 3D viewer exciting things are coming.

Something like this… 35.3 to 61.8


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Thanks for the demo. That’s pretty hokey in my opinion. But I guess arguably better than nothing.

Yeah, I guess whatever works until we allow the software to mature.

Hi @consultant

@MichaelL Thank you for the demo on how to use the distance tool to view the horizontal distance, slope distance, and profile. At this time the distance measurements can only be used in 2D. I will make sure that the measurement tools for 3D are on the feature request list. I feel these tools would be very useful for many customers.