Takeoff Tip

I just wanted to share. When you are doing takeoffs of large areas or need to zoom in and out constantly for detail, you can click and hold your mouse button to create a point and pan at the same time. It takes a little bit to get use to consistently, but save allot of time and makes to points more accurate.

@MichaelL, Can you pls. expand on which App are you referring to , and which drone ? and how to perform it . Thx

Sure Dave. When doing a distance, area or volume annotation on a computer browser you can left click to create a point right? This is great unless you are going to be annotating (taking off) a large contiguous area and constantly have to zoom in and out to move across in order to see enough detailed to be really accurate. Instead, you can click and hold with the mouse button. this creates a point, but at the same time allows you to pan so that you don’t have to zoom in and out you could just click a point and drag at the same time to keep the image scrolling across the screen. If you take off anything like roadways, pipelines or very large stockpiles then this will make your life a lot easier.