Tablet Recommendations?

I would like to add an 8-10" tablet but don’t want to break the bank on a pricey iPad. Any suggestions? How much memory is recommended for a dedicated Phantom 4 / DroneDeploy tablet? Is 16GB adequate? A bright screen and reasonable battery life are minimum requirement, of course.

Any opinions about the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3? It claims a 15 hour battery life. Or the Amazon Fire HD 8? It has a brighter screen and 12 hour battery. Both are 16GB .devices and very affordable.


I have migrated over to iPad Pro’s for all of my people, however prior to that we used the Nvidia Shields. We still use them as our backups.

I have had great luck with a couple of the Nvidia Shield Tablets. Very powerful hardware for a great price. $200

@Dagon i have iphone x