Sync dd logs TO DJI

**Summary of Issue:**cant sync dd logs to dji

**Date Issue Began:**always

**Drone Model:**p4p

**Mobile Device Model and OS version:**ipad mini 4 11.3

DroneDeploy App Version:latest

Hello Yanga! Thanks for reaching out. I responded via email to this question.

You are able to grab your flight logs from DD. You can also grab your flight logs directly from your mobile device via itunes.


Yes, Thank you Sir. I don’t have a problem with GRABBING my logs from DD via itunes or from the website or the DJI P4P+ controller…

but how to I sync the DD logs into my DJI account?

@Yanga Responded to your email. Lets continue the conversation there. Thanks!

Please keep us informed with any progress as this is something that would interest me also, if it is possible.

Hello @Yanga it is possible to sync DD flights into the DJI Go app.


Yusuf, I got this from a very knowledgable guy, MSINGER, is he right?

"As far as I know, there is no way to sync Drone Deploy flights to DJI. If you contact the makers of Drone Deploy, they should be able to confirm.

Mike Singer
Founder, Phantom Help"

also, I asked you why NVDrones is not working and why I can’t use “walk your flight plan”.

Kind regards



then in an email you say:

Hello Yanga,

This is correct. We actually just take the flight logs from the DJI Go app. We do not produce our own unique flight logs.

Yusuf, then here you say :slight_smile:

I am confused and still have not seen a reply regardin NVDrones and “walk your flight plan”, which both are off

kind regards


Hello Yanga, I would be sure to download this app from our app market