Switching to control landing not fuctioning right


I had a few fights in a quarry today. Usually when I come into to land in can not be perfct from take off, and I will have to take control to adjust for sot landing.

Today on the four occasins of landing I switch to GPS mode to guide landing and the P3 continued to go down.

In the past as soon as it is put back in GPS the drone would stop and then I would take control. In these scenarios it seemed my control was limited, and thankfully not in too tight an area for mistakes.

Would like to know if anyone else has had this issue or has it been reported here lately, hopefully it can be remedied.

I had the exact same issue on a flight today. I noticed that even though I had switched my Inspire to P mode, it continued to decend when I let off. Not a good situation.

ditto! The Matrice 100 wanted to land on the Toyota! Good thing I’m tall and was able to catch it out of the air before a half-on, half-off landing debacle!!

A few people have been reporting this. I’ve reached out to DJI to ask.

This is a NEW issue and one that is going to lead to problems. I had to make a landing recently in ATTI mode to snap the Phantom out of “returning home” mode. It used to work perfect - if the Phantom was returning home, putting it in Sport Mode (P4) or knocking it out of Function mode (P3) would return full manual control. Now it pauses the Phantom but quickly resumes the return to home command.

This prevents me from using my remaining battery power to get oblique images, etc. for making great 3D maps.

Please get this corrected ASAP!

We are running some tests of this today with a few different drones but we aren’t able to reproduce this. Is it happening for all of your flights?

It has happened with both my Phantom 3 Pro and Phantom 4. Once the controller starts beeping for Return To Home switching from Function Mode to P-GPS used to give me manual control, for example. Instead, the beeping continues and the drone keeps coming down. I can only regain manual control by going into ATTI mode on the P3 or Sport/ATTI on the P4. It’s as if the toggle of flight modes no longer stops the Return To Home command.

I have had the same experience for the last 2 weeks with a P3 pro. I found that toggling the switch eventually gave me control, but it was unpredictable.

I will be using my Inspire 1 for the same job on Thursday, have not read any issues with it yet. Does the Drone Deploy team have any updates on this anomaly ?

I have had the same issue with my X5. I mapped a large site and walked along with the drone. Once it had finished it tried to return to homw but as I always do I switched back to GPS to take over control !! Oh no !! It insited it flew back 400m to its take off point !! Not good DD and DJI !!

Flights with Inspire went good as usual, but again the landing was interesting. The Inspire would stop for a moment but would then continue decent, you could push up to stall decent and manoeuvre it to a soft landing, but not how it used to be. Maps still came out fine.

Has DD responded to this problem at all?

Sorry, I didn’t see this updated post.

We have had some users let us know it’s not happening when they RTH, but only when they let DD land at the end of hte mission. Is this what you’re seeing? We are updating the DJI SDK methods we use because it seems their auto land is now not letting people switch to P mode to stop it from landing. This should be in an update coming out soon. In the meantime you can RTH when it starts to try to land.