Switching from map to camera in Android App? And Image count Question

I’ve run a few test flights using the Android App and while its worked well there are a couple of issues I haven’t figured out.

The first is that during the mission I’d like to be able to swap the map and the camera image but so far all I can get is the map on the large screen and the image in the small picture-in-picture in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I’ve touched the camera thinking that it will flip the two screens but it’s not working. Is there a way I can make the camera the main screen?

Secondly, while defining a flight area is there a way i can get information on how many images will be taken as I change the parameters? Maybe I’m overlooking this simple feature but I don’t see it anywhere on the screen.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi Speedster,

I would like to see this too. I have found myself clicking on the camera view window many times in the hope that it will flip views.
As for your second point. there is an app you can use while planning in DD online Called Flight Plan Data & Processing Estimates.

This may be what you’re looking for.

Thanks I did see that but was underwhelmed by its functionality. I was using a third party app called Drone Harmony and really liked how it would update the amount of pictures in real time as I adjusted the parameters. Was hoping DD did this and I just missed it.

How do you rate that Drone Harmony? I have never seen this before.

I like it. It has some nice features. It allows you to draw polygons around buildings and structures and assign height to them so that running a 3d model will not result in a collision. The thing I like about it is that it easily allows me to swap map and camera screens with one tap and a just the parameters in real time as I change them. And the biggest plus is that its the only android drone app I’ve tries that hasn’t crashed on me mid flight. DJI Go4, Litchi, and Drone Deploy have all crashed on me. What I dont like about drone harmony is that its not as quick to use as drone deploy. With DD you tell it to run it does a self check and fires up. With DH it goes a little overboard with the warnings and checks.