Switching between DroneDeploy/DJI Go apps, USB default

For awhile, when I would plug my Galaxy S5 into the controller, I would get a dialog box saying “Which application would you like to use with the USB connection?” or something similar. The options were DJI Go and DroneDeploy, and there was an option for Just Once or Always. Well I must have hit Always one time, because now anytime I plug into the controller DroneDeploy starts up. When I shut down the app and start up DJI Go, it won’t connect to the Phantom 3.

Anyone else had this problem? How do I un-default DroneDeploy for the USB connection? I’d rather not uninstall the whole app. Thanks!

Try Setting>Applications>DroneDeploy Then Click Clear Defaults button

I had this issue before and I believe this is how I resolved.

the best and fastes option is to get in to setting apps and just forced close on the drone deploy
it allways work

Force close doesn’t work because as soon as you unplug usb and replug in it pulls up that application. I found that the fastest way to switch it is press and hold the app and shut off like farmerjuan stated