“Swiss Army” Setup

After some initial experience mapping with DroneDeploy, I’m interested in branching out to explore more mapping as well as possible thermal and agriculture.
What would be an economical (entry-level) configuration to begin branching out to these areas?

Is there a way to build the “Swiss Army Knife” of platform, payload, and post-processing without spending 10s of thousands to perform basic mapping, thermal, and agricultural surveys?

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The first thing that comes to mind is a Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, but the Yuneec H520e is also a good candidate. Anytime you start talking serious thermal you’re going to get into money regardless of which platform you use. Neither of those in radiometric form is supported by DroneDeploy so you have to fly with their software and then upload manually to them. Or you could do local processing.

@gflower1 there are a hundred ways to build such a setup