Swap Phantom 4 Pro batteries

Can Phantom 4 Pro batteries be used in Phantom 4 and does it also work the other way round?

I read they were the same batteries. The P4Pro just get 8-10 more minutes out of the same batteries. Mine is ordered :+1:t2:

DJI website lists battery as 6000mAh LiPo 2S for both Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro

heard the same the battery on p4 fit p4 pro so other way round should work and i would expect longer flying on the p4 as less sensors to power

Actually the P4 Pro has almost a 10-minutes battery spec increase. Probaly optimized some things and tuned the motors. That is one of the exciting things for me :slight_smile:

5870 mAh for the pro vs 5350 mAh for the phantom 4. Batteries are interchangeable. Only two minutes difference in flight time. Birds are same weight as frame materials have been lightened on the Pro to make up for the additional sensor weight.

DJI Phantom 4 used 5350mAh 4s lipo battery, its weight is 462g; and DJI Phantom 4 pro used 5870 mAh 4s lipo battery, the weight is 468g. And both of these two drone are the same weight, and used 4s lipo batteries, so I think the Phantom 4 pro lipo battery can used in Phantom 4. And the flight time I think have no impact.

Hi Martin,

This battery is a recommended accessory on DJI’s site for the Phantom 4 Pro. They have the same specs so, yes, they are compatible.


I am using my P4 batteries on my P4 pro. they work fine.



Same here, and no issues yet :slight_smile:

This is great news, I’m getting a P4 Pro soon and have 3 batteries for my regular P4.

Hi, sorry to bother you and for my bad english… I had purchase one original dji battery for p4 ( I have a p4 pro). Just to let me know, the p4 battery not count the number of time to recharge, this is the same for you p4 battery?
Thank and ciao.

Sounds like there might be a defect with the battery if I’m understanding you correctly?

If your question is, does a p4 battery work in a p4pro, then yes.
If you are having issues with the battery, make sure that it is updated. I have had issues in the past with an un-updated battery.

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actually I was looking for some info on the difference in batteries and found this post here that explains some more about it http://www.wetalkuav.com/phantom-4-pro-vs-phantom-4/ and they can actually be used for both drones.

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I have a phantom 4 can I use P4 pro batteries on the P4 or no?

Hi Hris,

Good news: the batteries for Phantom 4 are compatible with Phantom 4 Pro.

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Hi Kara
Thank you for the answer bu I was asking the opposite(phantom 4 PRO batteries in phantom 4)

Hi Hris,

I fly both a P4 and P4 Pro - all 4 of my batteries accumulated from the two separate purchases work on both models. You may get 2-3 more minutes of flying time in with a P4 Pro battery (based on my personal experience). I hope this helps.

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I just ordered a new DJI Phantom 4 Bat (orginal capacity) on Amazon (prime now) It was just delievered and when I clicked on the power button I got no lights. Weird! I then Plugged the battery into the charger I recieved with my P4P and no response. UGH.

Bummer. Better a battery than a long awaited drone.

I was told the phantom 4 and high capacity phantom 4 batteries were interchangeable