Survey path direction doesn't change with polygon

Hi, in the recent 2 updates, I found that the direction of the survey grid is fixed to east-west, no matter how I change the shape of the survey polygon.

From the attached picture you can see that the direction should be parallel to the long edge of the rectangle I drew. In previous versions, it didn’t behave like this. Has anyone encountered same issue? Thanks!

Hi, drone deploy developers and users.

Am I the only one who encountered the issue? Or am I the only one who thinks that flying a path shown in the picture is very odd?

Since my area is basically a rectangle, the fly path should better be parallel with the edge. Actually, it should better be parallel with the long edge to reduce the number of turns, which is more battery efficient.


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We moved all of our planning to the phone in a more recent change so people can plan without Internet.
It may be a bit less efficient and we will be making improvement s in the future.
Do you know how much battery time is actually being lost?