Support for new DJI Mavic or GoPro Karma drone?

I think so. Hopefully

I’m processing a map now. Seems to be working but it took photographs all the way until it landed.

@GlennGoodlett and what do you can say about the mavic+dronedeploy? It works? Other issues? What’s your experience? It really worths?

It works but it does not focus the camera. The only way I found to focus the camera was to use the DJI app and set the camera focus, then land and turn off the transmitter, close the DJI app while leaving the Mavic on. Then restart transmitter, launch DD and fly the mission.

We are working on some ways to improve the focus right now. Should be out very soon.

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I just ordered my Mavic and am very excited to use it for mapping. Any new updates on the focus issue? Can I just keep pressing the center focus button on the controller to keep focus?

Are you getting the Mavic or Mavic pro?

Is there a plain Mavic? I’ve only ever seen Mavic Pro (which is what I have)

I think I read where they have issue solved on iOS, but not on android yet.

Here is the workflow I use. Mavic Pro Iso and Focus

Here are a few tips from a photographer how to fix this.