Support for new DJI Mavic or GoPro Karma drone?

Hi team
Do you have plans to support the new DJI Mavic or GoPro Karma drones that will soon be released?

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We do have plans to support the DJI Mavic in the near future.


That will be a relief as DD doesn’t avoid elevation and the Mavic does! Hardware over software solutions.

We have to wait and see if the Mavic elevation features work with their waypoint mode.

Chase, is there any update here? Any idea how quickly it could be available?

Until we have more information it’s hard to say. Right now the next 1-2 months is a possibility but that could change.

I have ordered a Mavic Pro for its portability and flight time - it would be great if it could be used with DD! :slight_smile:

Ordered as well. Thinking more of an inspection drone that can get into tighter areas, but working with DD is a plus.

So you only mentioned magic… No ideas on Karma?

Karma doesn’t have an announced SDK at this point. So we don’t know if or when they will release that. I’m sure they’ll base it on the success of the Karma. With the launch of the Mavic, I’d worry about the Karma. I’m sure GoPro already has a good idea of the effect it is having based on whether a lot of their preorders got cancelled or not.

Hi guys, I’m new here, what is the issue on elevation? Where can I learn more about it? … thank you
also planning on using the Mavic :blush:

Any info on if DroneDeploy works with the Mavic right now? I see in the app description that it is compatible with the Mavic, but below it says a camera firmware is needed?

It flies fine. DJI released the mavic before everything on it worked perfectly. The camera on the mavic needs an update to make maps. Dronedeploy will do everything it normally does and it should work. You can’t make a map on most any software with the mavic until it is updated.

OK, thanks. Being new to the whole thing, and
only trying to do some small maps of our camp and maybe my house, I’m
just looking around at how this all works. I would think that since the
app drives the drone and takes the pictures, it would now which picture
is of what spot and wouldn’t need the geotagged exif data. But I’m sure
there’s more to it than how I imagine it works.

So to clarify, I shouldn’t fly using DD just yet because I won’t be
able to make any maps with the pictures it would take. I tried doing a
test run yesterday and kept getting errors. Mission not ready -5026.
Error connecting to SDK -1010.

Did you have the latest updated firmware for your Mavic?

I’ll double check. Assumed I did since I just got it 3 days ago and had no alerts that there was an upgraded firmware yet.

When I received it, I needed to do some firmware upgrades.

I believe those were just to the batteries. Yes, I had to do at least 2 firmware upgrades when I used each battery.

DJI just released new firmware that includes exif data on the photos.

And this is what we need to make maps with the Mavic???