Now that we have a great folder navigation system can we look into subfolders? Most importantly for us would be an “Archives” folder that completed project folders can be moved to. Thanks!


Hi @chascoadmin,

This is probably the most common request I’ve seen for our Folders feature. Our Product team is aware this is being asked for though not sure when or if this will be on the roadmap anytime soon.



Any luck? I’ve got to start breaking my jobs down into root folders with the Project Managers name so that I can invite them to their folder and all the projects beneath it are automatically available. Thanks!


I would also greatly benefit from the addition of subfolders. I fly orchards which I have separated into folders by their geographical location. In those folders I would love to have subfolders for individual blocks of varieties.


Hi @MichaelL,

No update to share at the moment for this feature. Will let you know if that changes.