Stuck on "verifying SD card..."

I have a P3P with a (fast) micro SD card that is empty, no media, 32G. I try to fly a mission and it goes through the checklist, I get green check marks until it gets to “verifying SD card”. I’m using a iPad mini 4. All firmware is up to date, I updated before I flew today. I just installed the Dronedeploy app today as well. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Same issue here! P3 Standard. I have no clue!!! I have been using the drone deploy trial for two weeks now and haven’t had this issue until yesterday and today!!! (7/18 & 7/19) I even uninstalled and reinstalled Drone Deploy and DJI Go! I Even Formatted the camera from the DJI Go App. Still having issues! Please help

Drone Deploy said they will try and see if a new firmware update is messing with Android if you’re using that

No. I’m using iOS (iPad Mini 4)

We loaded the latest firmware on a couple of our drones and we are able to fly on android and ios. We’ll keep testing to see if we can reproduce the issue you’re seeing.

It’s probably something I’m doing wrong.

Same problem here in P3 Standard… Any solution?

Hi. We are testing the solution right now.