Stuck on "Starting Mission"

I’m currently unable to start mission. The app version is 1.4.2, firmware is It syncs and passes all of the checks and when i click takeoff, it says “Starting Mission” but nothing happens. I waited 5 min. I suspected from the firmware then i upgraded it to successfully but DJI GO App says it’s I didn’t understand what’s wrong because i made some maps before without any problem. Also wondering if i try to upgrade to beta firmware which is, will it work with DroneDeploy?

Thank you.

The beta firmware does NOT work with the current SDK. I’ll have to check your logs to see what happened. It is almost always something such as no fly zone or other dji error. I’ll get back to you with exactly what.

I’m not so sure how it’s fixed but it’s ok now. My firmware was Zenmuse X5 firmware so i replaced the camera only and tried to start the mission but it didn’t start. I upgraded to but it didn’t start again. Then i downgraded to and upgraded to again so it’s fixed. I think it was a firmware issue.

Btw i already asked this on other topic but couldn’t get an answer. Is it possible to create a big (1300ha) mission and seperate it to 10-15 missions then combine them after flight? I think we can’t make a one big mission like this because transmission can lost after a while.

If you lose reception, the mission will still continue. Are you concerned about your UAV’s battery running low mid mission?

The Mission will continue but not forever unfortunately. I tested this recently and the drone lost reception and continued its mission. However after a few minutes, it when into return home mode and came back. without finishing the mission. Was rather frustrating.

The X5 Firmware is not supported as of yet unfortunately but DroneDeploy is working on it.

As of right now I don’t believe there is a mission splitting feature. You need to create each mission separately and have them over lap a bit. DroneDeploy will stitch them together if you ask them too.

If are in need of more range. There are a few things you can do. The thing people are having a lot of luck with are DBSmods antenna modification. That will extend you straight line range to about 5 miles as long as the Inspire is with 80 degrees of the center of the antenna.

1300ha is about 5 square miles. Which is large but doable. What I would recommend doing is having a lot of charged batteries and following the directions for Multiple Battery Missions. You can land the drone at any time by moving the Flight Mode switch to “P” and land manually or press the red home button to initiate return to home to swap batteries. Remember to completely close and reopen the DroneDeploy once the aircraft lands or the continue function will now show.

To cover a larger area than your current Antenna can handle, you could pick an alternate landing site somewhere along the flight path and follow the aircraft in a vehicle to keep it in range. When the battery runs low, land it manually, and follow the same instructions. But now the Aircraft wont have to fly all the way to the original home location thus extending mapping time. Repeat until you finish the map.

EDIT: Had another thought, if you have access to the Map Engine, you can upload pictures of the whole area after flying and it will make one large map without needing the flight path. This prevents the need to stitch together multiple already rendered maps. So you can fly within your range easier.

You shouldn’t need to close the app anymore to continue mission. If this is still required in 1.4.2 let me know so we can fix it. You should just click “New Mission”

I would just fly the areas and use Map Engine for something this large.

Yes. If i loose the signal, i can’t control the drone in this big area and battery can be finished at anywhere in the area. I think i will order a DBS Extender. Btw i didn’t understand how the mission continues. Should i just click New Mission after landing and replacing the battery? Also how many images do you think the app takes in 1300ha? Can i upload them once if it exceeds 1000? This’s why i asked splitting the mission. Thanks all for your help.

The DBS antenna has reached 5.4 miles in a straight line so it should cover that 1300ha (~5 sq miles) easily. Its a good piece of hardware, mine arrives tomorrow.

I haven’t tried continuing the mission without quitting and restarting the app. But here is how it should work.

Plan mission to cover the whole area you want to map and start the mission as normal. When the battery starts to get low. Press the red Return Home button in tho bottom right hand corner of the screen. The aircraft will return home and land. Power down the aircraft and swap to a fresh battery and power the aircraft back up and let it connect. Press the menu button in the top left corner of the screen and select “New Mission” which will bring you to the mission planning screen. There should be a white “Older” button on the right edge of your screen, which should show your most recent (and incomplete flight). You will know because it will show part of the flight path in solid green line and part in dashed green line. Now start the flight as your normally would by pressing the fly button in the bottom right of the screen. The app will go through the checklist and take off. But instead of starting from the beginning of the flight path, it will bee line for that last completed waypoint, and start mapping from there.

Thank you so much Gregory. I just ordered DBS Antenna. They shipped it today and probably i will get it on Friday. I think we can get this area with this antenna easily as you say. Btw, the client says they will match this orthophoto with the current ITRF map (Turkish name is “halihazir” English name is base map i think) they have. My question is do i need Ground Control Points for this project or the accuracy can be good and it match exactly? And what’s the output of orthophoto on DroneDeploy, is it ITRF too?

You are very welcome. Unfortunately My DBS Package got delayed a day, so i will get mine tomorrow.

I just tried to translate “Halihazir” in Google translate and it came back as “Steady State.” Which was no help.
As luck would have it my father is in Turkey right now and I asked him to get it translated. He replied that according to the people he asked, it is a colloquialism for “Flying Carpet.” So that wasn’t much help either.

As for accuracy. I unfortunately am not quite sure what ITRF is and how it applied to our Orthomosaics.That being said, ground control points will always make things more accurate if used correctly.

You can think “Halihazir” as a schematic diagram of the real coordinates of the buildings, borders, etc. So the client ask to match the orthophoto with this diagram correctly. I just calculated a sample of my orthophoto which has 70 photos with the current diagram and there was 1.5meter error. I think i will hire someone to mark GCPs on the ground then combine them with my photos.

Btw, ITRF is a coordinate system which is being used on these schematic diagrams. DroneDeploy’s is WGS84 so it must be converted i think.

I’ll pass along the coordinate system suggestion to the engineering team @naz_eg

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Any news chase? Will u put an option to select the output coordinate system like pix4d?