Stopping a mission to start another mission mid-air

Today, there is a “Pause” button as you’re flying a mission. It appears towards the top right side of the screen. I propose that there should also be a “stop” button with lots of confirmations that you really meant to do that.

Here’s the scenario where this would be valuable. I have a job site where I fly a bunch of different flights including 4 panos. The site is in controlled airspace requiring a DJI unlock. The panos will not be queued properly so I could fly all 4 of them in sequence. (Might be a bug in the program. Might be a problem with the unlocking. Don’t know and have tried to work this through with DD support.)

So what happens is I load a pano flight, it does the flight, and then must return all the way to home to get to the screen that asks if I want to upload now or later. I then have to fly back for the next pano which is not that far from the 1st pano. And I keep repeating this.

What I’m looking for is a way to tell the program that I’m done with this flight and to go back to the screen where I can choose another mission and start it from wherever the drone currently is. Presumably it would default to the answer “the pilot must want to upload later since the drone isn’t even back home.”

This would have a huge time and battery savings.

As a side note, it would be helpful if the program took one “weird” photo as it does at the end and beginning of a mission so I still can see easily where a mission’s photos started and ended. I could do it myself, but I love that the program already does this for me. If it already took one “weird” photo when it started heading home, it wouldn’t be needed at this point. (Sorry, I know there’s some other name for the “weird” picture but my name will have to do until I learn the real name.

I would love to hear from DroneDeploy engineers and other users what you think about this idea.


@dburk this is a great suggestion and could benefit a lot of users!