Stop taking photos after RTH initiated

I am creating field maps for a farm. Most fields are 100-200 acres and require changing the drone’s battery several times to capture the entire field. Often times the DroneDeploy app locks up 5-10 minutes into flying a fresh battery. While not ideal, that doesn’t particularly bother me because the drone continues the planned flight, capturing photos as planned. But because the DroneDeploy app is frozen, I can no longer monitor the drone’s battery level (the battery level indicator freezes with everything else on the screen). This doesn’t bother me too much either because once the battery reaches the “critical” level the drone automatically performs a Return to Home (RTH) and comes back to me. What does bother me is when uploading and reviewing the mission’s images on the DroneDeploy website I notice that the drone continues to take images even after the RTH was initiated. These RTH images are unwanted. Is there any way to make the drone stop taking photos after a RTH is initiated?

Using Phantom 3 Pro with latest firmware and latest release of DroneDeploy app (as of 3-Jun-2016).


Hi Patrick- sorry for the frustration! Our app is set to take enough pictures to ensure the minimum overlap set for the flight, and errs on the side of caution (hence why there are more photos than needed). I’ll pass your feedback on for our team- appreciate your feedback :smiley: