Stop and turn maneuver

Hi, I’m planning a flight with Drone Deploy and I’d like my P4 to do a stop and turn maneuver to avoid the round corners. How do I activate this option?


Instead of changing the flight pattern, you can remove any photos taken in the round corners before you upload the photos for processing. In my experience the photos taken while the drone is turning damage the photogrammetry results for our precision agriculture application. I believe DroneDeploy has been improved to not take pictures while the drone is turning. If you want more coverage below the spot where you are turning the drone, overfly that spot and then do the turn. This is what we plan to do for our precision agriculture application. If you cannot overfly the spot, then you could increase overlaps to improve the results.


What version of the app are you using? There are not supposed to be any images taken in the turns. Uploading this from earlier today.


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