Stockpile managment - data wrong!

Hi there,
I’m just trialing this solution for our company but am already running into an issue on this first trial.
We have a stockpile of about 45x20m and approximately 4-5m height (please excuse my metrics…~147x66ft, 13-16ft high)
I have flown the area with an Inspire 1 with X3 camera, photos and results look pretty sharp in 2d.
Now my issue, when checking the height of the pile (by using the distance tool), I only got 2.5m, wich luckily stunned me as it should actually much higher. So then I checked a few other objects that I definitely knew the height of and they are all only about 2/3 of the height than what they should be.
I have tried to reload the photos to create new maps as terrain and structure but the result is the same.
Knowing the height is off, I expect the volume and so the stockpile weight will be wrong and hence the data would be pretty useless (weight important as in this case it’s scrap metal and we have to manage the weight distribution on the ground).

Does anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong???

Many thanks in advance. Please let me know if I can provide any further details.

Regards from New Zealand,

Well, in case anyone else has got this issue, it was caused by only one or two photos (out of 200 or so) being taken from about 6-8ft higher… once resubmitted with these all was perfect again.