Stitching Thermal images from different dates

Hello everyone, I used DroneDeploy to mosaic many Thermal missions I took over different dates a while ago and the results were amazing. Now I would like to stitch those mosaics together because they overlap and thus create a final “mosaic” of all missions. DroneDeploy re-stitches the original mosaics, BUT separately. I understand it is because the images were captured on different dates. When creating mosaic in ArcGIS Pro or QGIS the overlap is never smooth. It loos terrible

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If the drone wasn’t using RTK and you didn’t have ground control points then you’re better off doing it visually in image editing software.

Hello Michael, Thanks for your reply. Would you mind elaborating a little bit on those reasons please ?

Without Survey-grade hardware and control you are never going to get two separate flights to tie together better than 3ft with any consistency because that is the spec of the native GNSS. This is why a lot of people use ground control points. They force the images to Surveyed points and a relative position. You can re-georeference in QGIS but it is not for the faint of heart especially if it is more than two maps which is why I find it easier to combine uncorrected maps visually and then rectify the entire master map afterwards.

Ah, ok this makes sense. I can create a mosaic in ArcGIS Pro and QGis but the problem is the big overlap area. Thanks again for your answer Michael.

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