Still using a Matrice 100?!

Anybody else still (trying) to fly the M100?
I attempted a flight at our gravel pit, and upon reaching the start point of the mission, the UAV returned stating it experienced a camera focus error. (payload is a Zenmuse x5)
I landed, checked everything over, shut it down, restarted and took off again. It ran the mission at altitude, but at 14 m/s. It landed again happy as a pig in sh#t, proud of how swiftly it had completed its mission. But it forgot to take any pictures. Not one. The sd card was calibrated before take-off.
I packed it away, took out my trusty Mavic- launched the same mission, and got the 150 pictures I needed for my pre-disturbance assessment at our new pit.
Back at our yard, I took out the M100 again and flew it using DJIGo and snapped a bunch of pictures just to make sure the camera/card/connections were working… all okay. Sounds like a DroneDeploy issue.
Maybe the M100 is just not supported any longer… any one?

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Maybe this thread is similar? I have also seen mentions of Inspire getting the same message. If this doesn’t get you headed in the right direction please email support.