Still at 2 metets


I was doing my fifth flight of the day and then DD began to work in an odd way. The Drone (P4P) climbed up to 2 m and then stayed still. I made the same procedure many times, changing the batteries, turning off and on all the devices, and nothing changed, even was worst, two or three times, after sending the UP instruction the engines did not turn on.

I the last try I let the drone 2 minutes at 2 m, an then I grab it to turn it off, as soon as I grabbed the drone pulled up, and began the flight, finishing it, without any other problem.

I had that situation, the drone still at 2 meters, two or three times, but just few seconds. This time was permanent, and the situation of not turning on the engines, is the first time that happens to me.



Check your OBS, maybe try turning it off to see if the behavior changes. Is everything clear in DJI Go?




I turned off the Drone, the tablet and the control several times, even changed the Battery in the P4P-
Everything was ok in DJI Go.

What means OBS?




OBS I believe stands for obstacle avoidance.



Yes, @SolarBarn is correct. I had a front vision sensor go bad and it would occasionally tell me bad calibration, but I never use obstacle avoidance so I just turned it all the way off in all softwares. Just a tidbit, but back to the original question. If OBS is having problems you will most likely see it worst when you are close to the ground and other objects. Once you’re in the air it doesn’t tend to interfere any longer.