Steve Myles

Have a Phantom 4 Pro +. Cannot download the Drone Deploy Program to the attached phone tthat comes with the controller. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi @Steve_Myles,

We do not officially support the Phantom 4 Pro+ so there is no guarantee that this setup will or should work with DroneDeploy. For your reference, here is our list of Supported Drones.


DJI has not made the Pro+ controller compatible with third party apps. Some people have bought regular (non +) Phantom 4 Pro controllers and bound that to their P4P to fly with other software. You can find used ones on the internet.

After conversations with the DJI forum I decided to purchase another controller. Seems the Phantom 4 Pro + is indeed not compatible with Drone Deploy software. I should say the 300 GL phone attached to the controller doesn’t work with Drone Deploy software. Anyway. There should be some clarification from Drone Deploy that they do support Phantom 4 Pro but not the + version.

The information is there. Unfortunately people don’t do allot of research be clicking go. If you trial it you find out pretty quick though.

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