STEREO MODE: Enhanced 3D effect using red blue anaglyph glasses

It will be helpful to have an app that will help you view our maps in Stereo mode Using red and blue anaglyph glasses…Stereo viewing provides added depth and realism to your 3D views.

Red and blue anaglyph mode displays the 3D view in overlapping red and blue views. When you view these scenes with red and blue stereo viewing glasses, you’ll benefit from an enhanced 3D effect.With Stereo view you can perform extremely accurate inspections and 3D measurements

I created these Stereo Maps for a real estate and the output is awesome .Get your red and blue anaglyph glasses and view the following images and you will know why we need a Stereo viewing app


Thank you for sharing.

Hi fellow members .Please to those watching this picture with your eyes…i am sorry to say you are missing out the details associated with this image…kindly get your red blue anaglyph glasses and view this image in 3d ,its amazing
and you will understand why we need an app such as STEREO MODE APP

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