Steel Girder Measurements

I’ve been approached by a potential client to provide data detailing the volumes and hence the weight of steel girders in bridges, pylons, etc. Is there an app in existence or being planned for the App Market.

If you’re talking about I-Beams and such let us know how you do it. It’s virtually impossible to accurately capture the flanges and get the correct volumes.

Perhaps volume is the wrong word.

Say I could provide the length of all the of I-beams / angle irons / box sections in a structure capturing images from above and alongside, (similar to a the dimensions delivered from overhead images in Roof Report); the client could probably ascertain the other dimensions and consequently work out the weight.

It’s all about the safety aspect of estimating costs, etc. I don’t know if that can be done with a drone app as yet.

Gotcha, it definitely makes more sense now. Cool use case! I know the topic of 3D takeoff keeps coming up and they hear us, but @Christina would know more. Scopito (from the app store) might be a good fit for the inspection, but the only two programs that I have used personally the do 3D annotation and measurements are Pix4D and Carlson Precision 3D. @SolarBarn is a Rhino expert and I have looked at this (, but haven’t had the time to use it. Good luck and keeps us posted!


Thank you for your input. If I could crack this one It might possibly open up a whole new avenue for airborne inspections. If I make any progress I’ll let you know.

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I’ve been keeping an eye on these features within drone imagery processing services for a while too. Pix4D do a pretty good job at it, Propeller do an excellent job but they are expensive and there’s a new player entering the game called Trik, so far that one looks good too. My hope is that Drone Deploy come out and trump them all with at least same features if not more. That way I only have to have one subscription and one data workflow to do it all … fingers crossed. :smile:

I agree it would make life simple using only one platform; in the meantime though I shall investigate what the others can offer.

Hi @Campilot,

I’ve spoken to a couple folks on our team and can confirm that we don’t have anything like this available on our roadmap or in the App Market at the moment. Sorry we can’t provide a solution for this. :confused: