Starting flight 100 feet above grade

I have a site that I wish to survey and for various reasons I would prefer to launch from the roof of the building which is approximately 100 feet high. If I wish to survey the building and the surrounding site so that the drone is 200 feet above the ground do I set the flying height in the drone deploy app to be 200 feet or 100 feet (the latter being 100 feet above the ‘home point’ established on the roof of the building)?

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The flight altitude is based upon height above takeoff location. Keep in mind that if you set it to 100ft (at which point you’ll be flying 200ft above the ground), the app is going to handle your overlap and flight speeds as though you’re only 100ft off the ground. You’ll end up flying slower, and have greater resulting overlap than if you took off from the ground and set your altitude for 200ft.


Thanks for the confirmation. And thanks for the heads up re height differential affecting the overlap/performance. Makes sense.