Starting a mission vs. trees

Hoping to try DD tomorrow. I’m going to be at a site with trees. If I launch from an open position, will the drone go straight up and stop at the mission altitude, then begin it’s job? Or does it gradually climb as it’s moving towards its starting point. I’m assuming whatever it does in the beginning, it will do in reverse at the end of the job. Thank you.

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It will go straight up to the mission altitude then head to the start point. When it lands it will come back at mission altitude and come back straight down.

That gives me peace of mind. Thank you very much.

To clarify I believe that it goes to the return to home altitude, then comes home.

One word of caution…while it will attempt to come straight down, variables like wind and GPS signal can certainly effect the landing. Always keep your hands on the controls and pay attention during landing. I frequently launch from an area that has a lot of tree cover and I’ve often had to trim the landing a bit. Fly safe!