Start and stop indicator via images?

Okay… how on earth do I select the right images to upload when I’ve ran multiple missions or taken other photos with the drone? I have hundreds of images but can’t figure out which is the first and which is the last for a given series. Surely there is an easy way to accomplish this rather than having to land and switch out an SD card after every mapping mission, yes?

Thank you.

Can you sort by date on your computer?

Yes, but that doesn’t help as the missions are back to back.

I really don’t mean to sound condescending, but there should be a pretty evident break in between sets. One of them being the horizontal image before the Drone takes off.

You have less than a minute in between missions? There should be a fairly easy to spot time gap. The Drone shoots every 2 to 3 seconds so even 30 seconds or a minute is a clear indicator that either it’s a new mission or something is wrong.

Another idea might be to take a picture of a black or dark card after landing as a sort of scene cut.

Don’t worry, I don’t take your post as condescending at all; I understand you are just trying to help.

Both of your tips here are helpful (checking date/time stamp and taking a reference shot), but I thought for the potentially thousands of dollars DD can cost a company or individual they could bake a feature like this into the software. The seemingly somewhat simple addition of a horizontal picture at the start and end of a mapping flight could accomplish this. It seemed so obvious, that I thought as a new-user that I was just missing a feature like this due to operator ignorance. Now that I’ve discovered it is a missing feature altogether, I’ll post my request in the appropriate forum.

I see that you’re an industry expert in construction, which is the application for which I’m using DD, so you’ve probably seen how a straight vertical down shot where the only thing in the field of view is bare dirt can be hard to distinguish between images. :confused:

Thank you again for your help, I’ll try both tips while waiting for an automated feature from DD.

For sure, there’s only so many kinds of dirt! :slight_smile: I also just realized that I think they got rid of the horizontal camera check-shot before takeoff again. I found it very useful, but others complained that it was a pain to remember to remove it before uploading. I guess to each their own…

It’s not really a DD issue. They are just using the DJI camera image process.
They may see about trying to refine this in the future, but as long as pictures are being generated for processing, there are many other higher priority developments to pursue. It may be awhile!

Actually, I think dronedeploy can do something about it. The programmed ground shot before Lift-Off was a good tool and they removed it.

I have to backtrack again. I just flew another project and it did take the checkshot.