Start a new flight far away from present location

From my iPad I want to start a new flight but I cannot realize how to start it far away my present location. Basic path is drawn here but I want to place it in an area I select on the map.
Drag the center is not enough for me, it only allows me to drag it around a Km.
Probably it is a dumb question because it is a basic start: area where to place the basic scheme.
Thank you

Does the search button on top help ? That should help

No, it doesn’t because most areas are in deep countryfield far away of cities or towns. Thanks

I’m a new user, after hearing a presentation by a professional recently who advocated use of Drone Deploy, and I did successfully set up a flight plan at a site over 150 miles from my home. DD automatically prepares a square-shaped plan over your current position by default. Although it’s a messy and iterative process, I did find that I could zoom out to a scale at which I could spot my approximate plan site, then drag the center of the pattern closer to the target area. I had to sequentially drag the center and the plan corner dots nearer to the target from the origin and wait for the pattern to draw the flight lines. A huge plan area takes a long time to draw, so it takes patience to get the desired result. Once I got the center at the target site and positioned the plan corners in appropriate locations, it was fairly straight-forward to adjust parameters, such as flight azimuth, height above the takeoff point, and speed.

I agree that there ought to be a much quicker and more refined way to prepare a plan in any selected area, such as by inputting the latitude-longitude location of the center point and perhaps starting size of the pattern.