Stand Count Assesment

Has anyone used the new stand count assessment flight plans? I am having problems with the camera as it seems to freeze and quit taking pictures during flight. I was supposed to take over 90 photos and it only took about 40. It showed I had a good signal to the drone so that should not be the problem. I am thinking the app was just having issues as it did crash on me a few times too. The image transfer part did not seem to work either at the end of the flight. Can you manually upload these photos on the computer as well or does it have to be done over transfer from the drone? The new flight type seems promising as the few photos I could load looked really clear and it seemed to do a good job assessing the stand. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t use Stand Count but as far as the missing pictures - how long is it taking in between images and what speed was it flying? My understanding is that you fly really low which decreases the amount of time in between images to achieve good overlaps so if it makes the interval too fast then the drone may not be able to process it fast enough and/or the memory card may not be writing quick enough.

Might as well add your device and software versioning so we know what your setup looks like. I would definitely email support since this is a fairly new feature and there’s probably not a whole lot of time on it yet.

The drone was flying around 9 mph during the flight. You do fly really low, about 50 ft AGL, but the way the stand assesment works is you pick how many acres you want one picture to represent. I chose the lowest amount which was 0.5 acres every picture. That ended up being around 90 pictures total is what I was supposed to get. The interval for taking pictures should not be too close as it is not like a normal mapping flight. I attached a picture of the flight plan. I used an iPhone Xr with IOS 13.5.1 and DD version 4.45.1. It was the first time I used this version of DD on my phone.

I was wondering about what kind of overlap it needs. I guess not much since it is counting and allot of overlap could deform the plants. Do you mean the entire map is 0.5 acres? With a P4P 0.5ac is at 143ft AGL. At 50ft you capture about 5,370sqft (0.12ac).

@jordanlanoue The DroneDeploy support team is happy to assist with Stand Assessment questions, with a full team ramped to support your needs during the peak season. Would try contacting or direct phone/chat support for Enterprise users. Happy flying!