Spraying plan of the field

Not long time ago I’ve met a farmer, who was asking me about
if I could see the grass that should be sprayed in the field.

I said- probably. Because I knew that a customer can have 1cm/pix on DD,
and of course NDVI filters.

I took my inspire, DD, as I remember in my version 5cm/p,
made some maps of the raps field.
But unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything, all green.

That’s why I have a question to Professors (#jono, #chasemgray) and old users
Have You ever tried to do this before with DD?

I was flying in altitude 100ft. /70front/80side.

Is it possible to see the grass that should be sprayed between raps or corn,
if DD will be 1cm/pix, altitude 30 ft/ 90 front/ 100 sidelap?


If you fly lower you should be able to get a higher resolution. You will need to export your data most likely in order to be able to view the data at that high a resolution. I’m not sure we have 1cm exports for non precision users.