Specify number of tiles for export?

When exporting an ortho, is there a way to specify the number of tiles you want, or the dimensions of the tiles?

Not at the moment. What is your use case for this?

Sure, so I’ve been working with a surveyor who uses Carlson Survey (CAD software). They can only use images around ~150mb at a time due to the software bogging down if the filesize gets too large. So for instance, if I have a Geotiff that is around 600mb when exported at max resolution, I want to be able to deliver him only 4 tiles or so. Giving him as much acreage per image as possible, but at the same time, as little to keep track of as possible. I can split the rasters in ESRI or QGIS, but it would nice if I could get dronedeploy to spit them out that way to begin with. Something like: when you click export tiles…you can specify the number of rows and number of columns in the “splitting” grid.

When you export from DD, you can select if you want the export in one single image or in tiles (of 4096x4096 pixels):

You can then select a limited number of tiles if that works for you. Alternatively, you can export the data at a lower resolution to keep the file sizes down.

Hope that helps

Where do you select the “limited number of tiles”? I haven’t seen that.

Sorry for confusion; you get DD to export a limited number of tiles, but if you get DD to export the data in tiled format you can manually select afterwards. Alternatively you could also adjust the map crop area to a smaller subsection of your map then click export, and you will just get that area exported.

Hope that helps

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