Speak English Please

Hello, I am a noob trying to start a new career into the drone mapping business. Can you help me translate this requirement into more plain English? And can DroneDeploy and my DJI P4P do this? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

“We need an orthomosaic of the site (GeoTiff), and a KML/KMZ file with 1-foot contour lines layered on top of the orthomosaic. Please confirm what accuracy threshold the relative horizontal distance and elevation change measurements will be within”

For sure the P4P will do it and the GeoTiff Orthomosaic is the main deliverable with DroneDeploy. If you are on the business plan or higher the you automatically get DXF contours available for export. If you are not using GCP’s, find a known real elevation of some object on the ground and calibrate your map to that. Then export your DXF contours. It won’t be very accurate relatively across the entire site so their requirements will determine whether or not to use GCP’s.
The Google Earth File can be automatically exported with the 8in/px Geotiff or you can download the higher resolution and create a super-overlay in Google Earth Pro.
Use QGIS to overlay the contours onto the orthomosaic and print it as a PDF.
The accuracy report will include all of the other info.

Hi @JamesChung,

Michael summarized it very well! In addition to his comments, I’d like to share a few resources to help you deliver the results your client is looking for:

  • Exporting your Data - you can absolutely export a GeoTIFF or KML files of your 2D map (aka orthomosaic) with our Pro or Business level subscription.

  • Accessing Contours - this is a feature on our Business subscription. You will have the option to export 1-foot contour intervals as a shapefile (.shp) or .DXF file.

  • Map Accuracy - you can always download and check the Accuracy of your map to determine your relative and absolute accuracy. As @MichaelL mentioned, we recommend adding Ground Control Points (GCPs) to achieve the highest level of accuracy. GCPs are another feature available on our Business subscription.

I hope you find these online resources helpful! Happy mapping. :smiley:


Thank you @Stephanie and @MichaelL for your responses. Y’all are awesome! Cheers.