Spark support


A big reason we don’t support the Spark is that the controller has to be connected to the drone over wifi. This means that you will always be flying offline and most likely not able to see your basemap tiles.

Even though Spark is wildly capable for its size and works great for family vacations shooting photos and videos, the 2-axis gimbal, photo resolution, and wifi for control does not provide a reliable experience for professional work at scale.


+1 for Spark support

“…does not provide a reliable experience for professional work at scale.” Surely that is something for your customers to decide?


I would also use Drone Deploy for small mapping projects if Spark support were added. I am currently doing that with other apps, I would like to be able to call Drone Deploy my all inclusive app so all of my projects can take advantage of the great features. We use Drone Deploy for all mapping and survey projects where I work. I would upgrade my personal account if Spark were added.


O spark trabalha tambem trabalha via cabo.


We’ve chosen the Mavic Air as our entry-level drone. It flies for much longer than than the Spark, has a better camera, RC, gimbal, and a better Obstacle Avoidance system. The price of the Spark + controller starts to get very close to the price of the Mavic Air.


I received this message from someone on the Spark Pilot forum. Maybe an avenue to explore. @Adam_Carp?

Vilco said, " I just created an application in C# which would automate the process of cycling thtough every image in a folder (asking the user wich folder) and search the image in a kind of a log file (asking the user for its path) then read the full coords and correct the exif fields of the pic via exiftool. Unluckyly IwI still haven’t found such a logfile among the many log / dat / txt files I found in the DJI Go app folders and in the drone itself via DJI Assistant. There are som elogs, someone I had to upload to Airmap to decrypt, which lista ticks, which must be a time measurement unit, and perfect coordinates for all of the flight time, but I can’t find a way to understand at which line has the picture been taken. Some files even go to af far as 10 or 12 decimal places, probably obtained by some calculations on the 6 decimal places numbers coming from the GPS.
If someone knows how to link a Spark picture to one of these fully geotagged log files, I’d be more than glad to offer my app to whoever wants to play with these exif geotag data."



Hello. Before 3 days I had a succesfull flight plan with the help of DroneDeploy. Yesterday Android had an update of Dronedeploy app. Today I started a project, gps ok, camera ok, but, the controller gives a warning: “invalid remote controller mode”. I have to go to dji go app and enable multiple flight modes. But Spark’s menu don’t have this option, so the drone won’t fly with your app. Is it a permanent state of the app, or can I overpass it?


Since I cant use my DJI Spark with DroneDeploy, I’ve been trying to get some good pictures with Litchi.
It’s a great app, but it seems that DroneDeploy works better with what I would like to do.
I have to somehow guess what height I need to fly and in what distance I need to take pictures.
Also I have to manually set waypoints to take pictures, or record the whole flight and extract pictures from it.

Hope to see Spark support in the future.