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Request add dji spark drone

Support for Spark

DJI does not officially support waypoint flight mode on the spark. There are no dronedeploy plans to add spark support.


Do you need waypoint flight mode to fly a drone in grid pattern? The Spark may not be the most obvious choice for mapping, but it is a very low impact drone which could be used in locations where a mavic or a phantom would not be considered allright.
I support the request to add support for Spark.


The other reason that Spark support is unlikely is that it is flown using a wifi connection. We have dropped support for phantom 3 standard and 4K for that reason.


That is only half the truth. It can be flown by gesture control, by wifi connection to a phone OR with a proper 2.4 or 5.8Ghz control connection. I have a set of cheap ebay antenna reflectors on my Spark controller, and was able to fly 1000 meters out this weekend before I got any flicker in video connection. This was using 5.8Ghz and the lower output CE transmission settings as I am in Norway.


But by default, users do not know that you can set it up to fly via the USB. The official position at the moment is that we don’t plan to support the spark.


I was not “flying it via USB”. My iphone connects via wifi to the controller, and the controller connects via PTP (as all the other proper DJI control connections) on 2.4 or 5.8Ghz. Without the cheapo reflectors, I can usually fly 3-400 meters out.

There are two reasons the Spark is not well suited for mapping - the first is as you mentioned before, that the DJI SDK doesnt support waypoint missions. Secondly - the geotagging of the images are missing decimal seconds, which means a geotag-dependent solution like Dronedeploy is going to struggle.

I hope DJI eventually supports waypoint missions, and that DD reconsiders supporting the Spark. Other mapping app vendors have already brought out support for the Spark, but not with regular mapping features.
I know quite a few people who can make use of Spark for small projects and mapping in areas where a larger drone can’t be used.


Any preview of when support for DJI Spark going to be available?


No plans for Spark support at this time.