Spacing between photos running 'Perimeter'

When running a standard mission, under Advanced, you can set the width between photos ie. side and front.

I want to set up a mission, that ONLY flies the perimeter, facing inwards. I’m not interested in the vertical shots - they’re covered by a different mission.

I know I can run a standard mission, select ‘Perimeter’ and change the start waypoint, but I’m just wondering if it’s possible to instead just widen the side widths so much to reduce the number of waypoints to miss out before running the perimeter.

I guess the question I’m asking is, do the toggles affecting the vertical spacings between photos also affect the oblique spacings whilst flying the perimeter? Or does the perimeter flight use a set spacing, irrespective of what is set for the vertical shots?

Or, what would be handy, would be to have a mission that just flies the circuit, facing inwards. Note, I am unable to utilise the ‘Photo Report’ as 2 years on, whilst it is accepted DD can’t automatically take a photo in focus using my MP1, they still haven’t carried across the manual camera toggles from the standard mission.

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Down under the overlap ratio’s there is a slider for starting way point. Just set that to the way point of the perimeter and ignore the rest of the map.


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Thanks. Do the overlap toggles affect the spacing of the perimeter oblique images?

I believe so. Make a flight pattern, go to the selected way point and see how much time is left and images in the mission. Then change the overlap and compare.

The perimeter overlap is based on 2x the sidelap - for example if you have sidelap set to 60% then you will get 80% overlap on the perimeter shots. This is intentional - because the drone only makes one perimeter pass you effectively only get 5 views of every pixel even at 80% overlap.