Soybean Stand Counts

I’m trying to use the stand count feature for soybeans but it doesn’t give me a stand count in the least. It gives me the spacing. Does anyone know what the spacing would be used for and possibly why there is no stand count associated with soybeans even though that is an option in stand counts?

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Can you show a typical picture of the soybeans plants you are trying to count?
I have an old Rhino script that counted pistachio trees which might work for your case if the plants are on a well defined grid.

This would be about the pictures we would be working with. Some may have a few more weeds but we expect some of the images not to work properly. This one has some end rows in it also so this one probably wouldn’t work either because it would detect multidirectional rows but never know until we try!

The photo shows no clear separation of the plants in the horizontal direction. Thus counting the plants may not be feasible without additional data. If the 3D model showed the base of each plant in enough detail to resolve each plant, then a count may be possible.

Is there a known average separation between the plants in the horizontal direction? If so then each row length could be measured from the model and then be divided by the separation to get a count. Same thing could be done for columns of plants.

It may be possible to detect missing plants in the model and subtract these for a more accurate count.


Yes, the soybeans were planted at about 140,000 seeds per acre on 30 inch rows so for every 17 feet 5 inches of row there should be 140 plants. I think the biggest problem with finding stand counts with beans is they’re so small and they bush out a fair amount while also being planted incredibly close. At this rate the soybeans would be planted about 1.5 inches away from eachother. I’m guessing that gets too small for anything to accurately be measured correct?

You have a truly challenging problem. I cannot offer a solution. Sorry.

That’s no problem! Thank you for bringing a possibility to the table! It is just tough on this scale! Maybe eventually we can find a good solution but for the time being I think we will have to continue doing stand counts by hand! Again, thank you for trying!