Some pictures fail uploading - recurring black pictures

Hi there,

Today i flew my fifth mission. All previous missions went perfectly in terms of shooting, processing. Very satisfied with the results.

Today i flew three missions (100 acres plot) at 100m altitude (70/75% overlap). It all went fine, came back home and uploaded the pictures. I noticed that while uploading i got a warning saying that a good proportion of the pictures failed to upload. Wondering why i checked all pictures and i noticed that a number of pictures is totally black (not dark but total black) except than for a narrow horizontal strip at the top. The strip is actually just a thin slice of the failed picture. I share here a picture

This did not happen in the previous missions. What could this be? any idea how i could solve it?

I use a P4 with sandisk extreme 64 gb, flew at 100 m.

I’m sorry to hear about the problem.

It seems like there was a problem with writing the images to the SD card. I’m just guessing at a solution, but I’d try another SD card.

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Thanks Mike - I will try that.

Thought to post an update. I solved the problem by switching to a a faster SD card.