Some General Questions


I had an account but stopped using DD because of some issues I had. I am reviewing the current status because I would like to start using it again and hope that improvements make it worthwhile.

In the meantime I have changed my email address however I am unable to change my email address in my profile (or my username) and my old email address that no longer exists is tied to my existing ID. Add to that the fact my account is currently not active and it appears the only thing I can do is create a new account which seems counter productive being I still have some existing maps under the older account. To make it worse I cannot even contact support or Chat given it is not active. This is the kind of thing that frustrates me with a system like this.

Suggestions anyone?




Why don’t you just create a new account, then I would put in a support ticket to have them transferred? You can share maps from one account to another (I do this constantly) with full editing privileges. This is not a normal situation and I wouldn’t expect DroneDeploy to make it easy to port over information as most companies have NDA’s to prevent this exactly situation to happen if you were to go from one work domain to another. Not saying that’s your case but that’s the worry I would build the login system around.

Contact support at and they can change the email address on the account.

Thank you both. I will contact support and see how that goes.

If you are facing this problem, connect your gmail id with your contact no. it is helpful for you.